For patients suffering from stomach cancer or other problems like ulcers and bleeding, gastric surgery (resection of the stomach) is often a recommended course of treatment. Sometimes just a part of the stomach needs to be removed, but if needed, the entire stomach can be removed. The surgeon will then connect the remaining tissue and (if necessary) adjacent organs to maintain digestive function.

Depending on the illness you present with, the gastric resection may be performed either open or laparoscopically. In an open operation, a single, larger incision will be made in the abdomen for the surgeon to access the stomach. In a laparoscopic procedure, a few small incisions will be made, through which the surgeon is able to insert a camera and instruments to perform the surgery and leave as little scarring as possible.

The surgery will be performed using general anesthesia, and a short hospital stay will likely follow. After surgery, you’ll have a follow-up visit with your surgeon to monitor your recovery and help you get back to normal activities.