Located in the Buffalo, NY area, Surgical Associates of WNY has a staff of experienced general surgeons who treat a variety of diseases and issues with general & advanced laparoscopic surgery.

General surgery has one of the broadest scopes in medicine. A general surgeon is trained to diagnose and treat a full spectrum of disease throughout many systems of the body. This includes problems requiring surgical treatment in the following areas:

Laparoscopic Surgery - Surgical Team


  • Stomach
  • Small intestine
  • Appendix
  • Colon
  • Gallbladder
  • Spleen
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Thyroid and parathyroid
  • Adrenal glands
  • Skin and soft tissue

Additionally, our general surgeons, perform emergency surgery, in-office hemorrhoid treatment, and more. The above list is not exhaustive. But, it does give you a sense of the breadth and depth of care offered.

Certainly some of the most common operations include hernia repairs, gallbladder removals, and surgical exploration of the colon.

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Advanced laparoscopic surgery is the next level of minimally invasive surgery. The surgeon operates through small incisions and ports made in the skin rather than creating a large incision to perform what’s known as an open operation.

But what makes it more advanced is the nature of the procedures our general surgeons are able to perform this way. For example, liver resections, total gastrectomies, colon surgery, foregut surgery, and other major operations can be done laparoscopically by our surgeons.

The benefits of advanced laparoscopic surgery can include less pain, less scarring, and faster recovery. Of course, the best method is determined based on individual patient circumstances. Be sure to talk to your surgeon about what’s right for you.