There are times when a sudden problem, a prolonged struggle with increasing pain, or an accident or trauma brings you into the emergency room. Of course, these are difficult situations that can be stressful, but our general surgeons are trained to respond effectively and quickly. The surgeons are regularly on call at Mercy Hospital and other Buffalo, NY area hospitals. They are available on nights, weekends and holidays to treat our patients. Our team is accustomed to caring for patients who present with a wide variety of emergency situations.

These may include, but are not limited to:

  • traumas
  • perforations (like perforated appendicitis or perforations in the bowel)
  • bowel obstructions

These are common reasons that patients come to the emergency room and require immediate surgery. If you face one of these situations, rest assured that we will work to provide the best care possible in trying times. And afterwards, we’ll see you through recovery with follow-up office visits and recommendations for healing.